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It’s time to increase revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow your purpose-driven business using email marketing.

"When it comes to email strategy – not many people have the brain for it. Not only does Lavender have a brain built for email strategy, she’s also go the copywriting skills to match. She’s a pro at finding (and filling) the gaps in your email experience and increasing email revenue."
Samar Owais
Founder of Emails Done Right, eCommerce Email Strategist

Email marketing is key to driving business revenue

Did you know the average email marketing return on investment (ROI) for ecommerce brands is $45 per $1 spent? It’s so effective that you couldn’t afford to ignore it anymore. 

With clear, purpose-driven emails, you can convert email subscribers into paying customers who happily support your cause. 

Let’s turn email marketing into a revenue-generating machine.

Email audit & opportunity identification

Customer lifecycles & email strategies

Email implementation & management


Why Works With Me?

Hi! I’m Lavender, a Klaviyo-certified email marketing nerd for purpose-driven ecommerce brands.

I’m here to help you do email right, a.k.a aligning email messaging with your brand purpose, sending meaningful, valuable emails, increasing sales, and creating a loyal customer base.

If you’re looking for an email strategist who “gets” your brand and/or an email implementer who takes charge of your email marketing platform and turns emails into revenue and customer loyalty, then we should talk.