Well-Researched Content for B2B Ecommerce, Retail, and SaaS Companies

Looking for an experienced ecommerce marketer who can produce engaging, well-researched content? Great! I can help.


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"Lavender is an articulate writer and comprehensive researcher who goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She always meets her deadlines and is a joy to work with."
Shannon Tien
Inbound Marketing Manager, Chief Editor of the Hootsuite Blog

Content that goes beyond traditional “what is [topic]?"

With a background as a digital marketer, email marketing specialist, and content marketer working with multiple SaaS companies and ecommerce brands, I understand these industries inside out.

All of my content is backed up with real-life, relevant examples, facts, trustworthy research, and up-to-date reports. 

Here’s what I can create for you.

write compelling blog posts

Blog Posts

write high-converting case studies

Case Studies

write lead-generating ebooks


“Lavender is one of the BEST SEO writers I've met. She writes in a human, conversational way, but still knows how to climb the SEO rank ladder in a way that seems effortless. She's mastered the art of research, educating, and entertaining in her writing. She has an eye for detail and excels at brand/marketing analysis. I can't sing her praises enough. What's more, she's a wonderful human being with a winning attitude and can-do spirit.”
Lia (Parisyan) Schmidt, VP of Content Marketing, Insider
Lia (Parisyan) Schmidt)
VP of Content Marketing, Insider