Email marketing should account for at least 30% of total business revenue.

Does yours?

Hi! I’m Lavender, an email marketing nerd for sustainable ecommerce brands. 

I’m here to help you do email marketing right, a.k.a, aligning email messaging with your brand purpose, sending meaningful, valuable emails, increasing sales, and creating a loyal customer base.

If you’re looking for an email strategist who “gets” your sustainable ecommerce brand and/or an email implementer who takes charge of your Klaviyo and turns emails into revenue, then we should talk.


1. Creating customer lifecycle and promotional emails 

Customer lifecycle email flows:

  • Welcome Flows (for buyers and non-buyers)
  • Abandonment Flow (cart abandonment, checkout abandonment, and browse abandonment)
  • Post-Purchase Flows (transactional, upsell, and cross-sell)

Promotional campaigns like:

  • International Days (Earth Day, Water Day, Pollution Day)
  • Black Friday + Cyber Monday
  • Holiday specials (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving…)

And so many more.

2. Growing email subscribers 

  • Creating popup and embedded form
  • A/B testing popup
  • Creating quizzes to drive leads (and conversions) 
  • Integrating form with Facebook Lead Ads 

3. Implementing email marketing and managing email accounts 

  • Developing email campaign calendar 
  • A/B testing emails
  • Setting up email flows 
  • Running campaigns 
  • Creating email segments 
  • Tracking and reporting data
  • Managing email list health 

“I work with Lavender on different content production, most particularly customer success stories. From the recording of interviews and written information, Lavender produces great customer articles. She follows the brief given but also ingests her own storytelling style. Having a great understanding of ecommerce space, she is very rigorous and attentive to details. If you are looking for a can-do copywriter, I really recommend Lavender for her human, conversational, and effortless yet entertaining writing style.”

Astaeka Pramuditya – Customer Marketing Manager @Gorgias