When it comes to email strategy – not many people have the brain for it. Not only does Lavender have a brain built for email strategy, she’s also go the copywriting skills to match. She’s a pro at finding (and filling) the gaps in your email experience and increasing email revenue. 

Samar Owais, Founder of Emails Done Right, eCommerce Email Strategist

Your email revenue should account for at least 30% of your total revenue. If you haven’t achieved it yet, now is your time to make it happen.

Struggle with taking action? Don’t worry! Here are three ways I can help you: 


You’ve sent email marketing emails for a while, and recently you observed a plateau. Your open rates decreased, you had fewer placed orders than before, etc., and you don’t know why. In this case, I can help you find out what has happened. 

What I’ll do: 

  • Dig deep into your historical email marketing strategy, campaign emails, and email flows. 
  • Put all data, insights, and recommendations into a detailed report and send it to you. After that, we’ll hop on a call to go over any questions you may have.

Email audits include 15 emails, 5 flows, and 2 pop-ups.


Want me to just handle it all for you? No worries at all — I’m happy to help!

  • Developing your email marketing plan
  • Design, set up and send email campaigns
  • Creating flows 
  • Creating popups to grow your email list
  • A/B testing emails and popups
  • Fortnightly reporting calls


I dive into your email account, current strategy, customer research, competitor research, and everything in between. Then, create recommendations for campaign ideas, email flows, and lead generation tactics that work for your brand. 

Need more to be convinced? See some of the email campaigns I created here.