Here’s everything you want to know about my rates and pricing (but didn’t know how to ask.)

Do you charge by the hour?

No. I charge by the project. Every project is quoted based on value—which means you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished work, not the time I spend creating it.

Each project includes all of the following:

  • Insightful content with relevant examples (screenshots, charts, images)
  • Clean copy that is always on time
  • Accurate information based on thorough research and reliable sources
  • SEO optimization and keyword integration on all content
  • Internal and external links to maximize traffic flow throughout your blog
  • A conversational, easy-to-understand voice that will engage your target audience
  • Two round of revisions (additional revisions available for an extra fee)
  • Publishing to your CMS (available for an extra fee)
  • Outreach and interviews for customers and expert sources (available for an extra fee)

Do you offer ghostwriting?

Yes. I do offer ghostwriting. But rates for this type of assignment will be different due to the fact that I don’t get a byline, which means I don’t have the opportunity to build my domain authority.

What price point do most projects start at?

I don’t have a specific number because my rate depends on some factors like level of research required, word count, SEO, keyword research, etc. Longer, more intensive content = higher price point.

Clients who choose to work with me are willing to pay because they believe in the results that my insightful, conversion-oriented content can bring to them. If your main focus is on keeping costs low, then, unfortunately, we’re not a good fit. That said, I have some flexibility for retainers and one-off projects to match your needs and budgets. So, feel free to reach out, and we can talk to find the right balance for you.

What is your work process?

If we’re a good fit, here is how we’ll work together:

1. You send me a brief/assignment which includes all of your requirements. If you don’t have a full brief but just a topic, that’s fine. I’ll handle keyword research, outline, and everything else.

2. I’ll make an outline based on the brief we agree on and request a 50% deposit. I’ll complete and send over the outline once that’s paid.

3. You’ll hop into Google Docs and make any comments/notes before I start writing.

4. I’ll write the first draft and send it to you for review based on the deadline we discuss when you send me the brief.

5. You’ll leave edits in the draft, and I’m come back and make those edits within 1-2 business days.

6. We’ll sign off on final approval and I’ll send over the invoice for the remaining 50% balance.

You’ll never have to check up on me because I’ll try to inform you of the status of my work whenever you have questions.

Will we have a call to discuss a project?

It depends. If we can talk via email, it’d be better for me since I live in Australia, and time difference is a big deal. That said, I’m happy to hop on a call, but please let me know at least two days earlier so I can arrange my time for you.

What is your payment method?

You can pay me by PayPal or bank transfer.

How soon can you start?

I typically have 1-2 new client openings each month, but those fill up quickly — the best way to secure my time is through a retainer. The sooner you get started, the better.

If you need me RIGHT NOW: I’m happy to move you to the top of my priorities, but a 25% priority fee will be added to your invoice.

Still have questions? Just ask.