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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. I’m not a designer by all means, but I can take charge of designing emails for you to some extent. If you have special requirements for email templates that might need coding and/or advanced design skills to implement, you might need a professional designer.

Yes. It’s my day-to-day thing. You can view my services for more information.

First, we hop on a call to discuss what you want me to help, your goals, timelines, work processes, and deliverables. 

Then, you grant me access to your Klaviyo account and I’ll audit your email. I’ll also do customer research, competitor research, and everything in between to identify gaps and opportunities for your email strategies.

After that, I’ll work on strategies and send you a detailed deck to read in your own time. We’ll jump on another call to discuss further.

One, just me. I’m not an agency. You always work with me. 

Because every purpose-driven brand is different, there’s not a one-size-fits-all package. Let’s chat about what you need and how I can help you reach your goals.