Looking for a brutal honest Bluchic theme review in 2020? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ll tell you exactly my experience when using the Victoria Bluchic theme. 

It took me nearly a week to choose a theme for this website. I don’t know you, but for me, picking the right theme is more than important. Because it reflects my personality, my freelance business, and also my niche blog. 

Before using Bluchic, I tried over ten feminine WordPress themes. Most of them required me a lot of learning, manual styling, and asking for help on WordPress forums. 

There was a time I thought I found my ideal theme, but the customer support was so bad that I decided to leave it and look for an alternative. 

Then, I found Victoria Bluchic theme.

In saying this, I don’t mean it’s perfect, but I mean it’s pretty good! 

Today I’ll give you a walk-through of why Victoria Bluchic theme is such a great, highly customizable theme. I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible while keeping it scannable so you can get the information you want quickly. 

Please note, though, that this post includes affiliate links that I earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of those links. 

What is a Feminine WordPress Theme?

A feminine WordPress theme is designed specifically for female bloggers and female entrepreneurs. It comes with a lot of features that are associated with women.

The term “feminine” WordPress theme is used to differentiate it from a masculine theme, which is a theme for men.

This is a masculine theme:

Source: Envato

This is a feminine theme:

Source: Bluchic

Here are the differences between these themes: A masculine theme has a bold design with strong colors like red or black, showing the power of a man. Meanwhile, a feminine theme has a girly, elegant, pretty design with light colors and feminine typography options. 

About Bluchic themes

Bluchic was founded by Kathie and Andrew Wiehanne in 2012. While searching for their own niche-chic WordPress theme, this husband-wife duo saw a gaping hole in the market for WordPress themes that looked as good as they functioned in the marketplace. So they decided to create gorgeous feminine WordPress themes with female entrepreneurs in mind. 

The Bluchic theme store currently has 10 themes: Chicserve, Chicshop, Maggie, Victoria, Isabelle, Jacqueline, Olive, Samantha, Paisley, Quinn. Each theme has its own features that suit different needs. 

I’m using the Victoria theme for my website, so I’ll talk more about it. 

Bluchic Victoria theme review

Unlike Chicserve and Chicshop, which are best for female entrepreneurs running product- or service-based businesses, Victoria is designed for both entrepreneurs and bloggers. 

The purchase package includes a theme zip file, step-by-step tutorials, instant support from Kathie & Andrew, and lifetime updates at no additional cost.

Beginner-friendly theme

I don’t have any programming or design background, so when I found Bluchic Victoria theme, I felt relieved. 

With this theme, everything is all set. You don’t have to worry about taking time to understand a function. Almost all features are labelled with descriptive names.

Even if you’ve never used WordPress or set up a WordPress theme before, you find Victoria theme easy to work with. 

Quick installation and setup

All you need to do is to purchase the theme. After that, you’ll receive an email with the download link for a theme zip file. Click the link to visit the download page. 

victoria bluchic theme review

Click Download to download the file to your computer. Then, like any other WordPress theme, you simply go to your WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme to upload the Victoria zip file to WordPress. 

victoria bluchic theme review

Once you upload the theme and activate it, you can go into your options and Theme Options in your left dashboard menu and start customizing. 

victoria bluchic theme review

Note: You can also click the Customize button to modify your theme in real-time. But some features in the Victoria Bluchic theme aren’t available in the WordPress theme editor. 

Simple and obvious setting options

Does the website designing scare you?

Or, technical terms complicate you?

Bluchic makes everything easy-peasy for you to work with. The customization is effortless and smooth. You can simply select to enable any setting you want.

victoria bluchic theme review

Available setting options include:

  • Fixed menu on top when scrolling
  • Disable Colorbox popup
  • Open blog link in new windows
  • Remove sidebar on blog page 
  • Two blog listing layouts: Classic and Gird
  • Two blog layouts: Content – Sidebar or Sidebar – Content
  • Show featured widget on homepage only
  • Change featured widget title
  • Change featured widget background color
  • Add footer widget title
  • Add footer credit
  • Disable privacy link at footer 
  • Enable breadcrumb navigation
  • Insert banner at the bottom of a blog post
  • Hide post date/post category/post comment/post tags/post author
  • Show blog author biography 
  • Add author signature
  • Use excerpt summary post
  • Enable related post
  • Enable feature thumbnail  

Diverse customization colors 

You’re free to change colors of any part in the website you want. And that’s one of the best features I love about Victoria Bluchic.

victoria bluchic theme review

You can change colors of:

  • Text color
  • Border color
  • Header background color
  • Menu link color
  • Menu link hover color
  • Submenu border-color
  • Page title color
  • Post title link color
  • Post title link hover color
  • Sidebar widget title color
  • Footer background, menu link, menu link hover, widget title, text colors.
  • Link color
  • Link hover color
  • Colors of headings
  • Background color, border color, text color, hover background color, hover border color, hover text color of buttons.
  • Background color, text color, hover background color, hover text color of the accordion.
  • Colors of all widget social media icons.  

All settings are obvious. You don’t have to take time to figure out what they mean.

Useful hero image setting

In case you don’t know: a hero image (also called a hero header) is a large banner image at the top of a website. It serves as a visitor’s first glimpse of your blog because of its prominent placement towards the top of your homepage that usually extends full-width. 

With the Victoria Bluchic theme, you can easily add a hero image to your website in minutes, like I did with my website.

victoria bluchic theme review

For my website, I use a hero image to show my service and a button to convert. It’s handy because people are highly visual, and a picture tells more than a thousand words. 

victoria bluchic theme review

Press settings 

If you’ve worked with some companies and you want to show them on your website to build trust with visitors, Bluchic has a setting for you to display those companies. It’s called Press settings.

victoria bluchic theme review

You can use a design tool like Canva to design a logo (like mine), and then upload it in the press settings section. You can choose to enable/disable it or show it on the homepage only or change press logo background color if you want. 

Useful featured widget 

If you offer many services or you have important things about your business to show with visitors, you can use featured widgets to display them. These widget areas are where you can add an image, write a brief description, and link to any page to drive traffic. 

victoria bluchic theme review

Work well with WooCommerce

Since many people are using WooCommerce to start selling on their WordPress website, a lot of themes require a workaround to integrate properly.

The Victoria theme has this feature. You can build pages and include a shop, refine by categories, and other options. It integrates very well with WooCommerce. 

Highly responsive

Victoria is responsive out of the box and requires no further adjustments, so they’re on the ball. 

As a blogger or a website owner, you need a responsive theme to give your website a professional look!


Portfolio plugin: Use this plugin to add projects or products you’ve made to your website to impress visitors. Freelance writers, business professionals, or agency owners use the portfolio plugin to spotlight their past works.

Recent post plugin: This plugin displays your latest posts directly on the homepage. It’s useful if your website has a blog page. 

Testimonials plugin: Use this plugin to showcase testimonials from your clients on the homepage. 

Fantastic customer support

If I can say only one thing about Bluchic, I want to say this:

Andrew is an awesome man. He answers my email so quickly, and he always tries to find a solution to my problems. 

And the best part is I never need to wait longer than 24 hours to get help from him. He’s so quick!

Also, Bluchic provides step-by-step tutorials and demonstration videos, so you can easily design your theme by yourself.

Victoria Bluchic theme: Are there any cons?

Victoria Bluchic theme is a feminine WordPress theme. So, if you’re looking for a masculine theme or a theme that works with other website builders like Shopify and Squarespace, Victoria (and other Bluchic themes) isn’t the right choice. 

The price may be an issue for some people. Priced at $79, Victoria Bluchic theme is definitely on the higher end of premium WordPress themes. 

However, the fact that you get free lifetime updates and support can be a bonus point compared with other themes that require you to pay every 12 months for that stuff. 

Useful links to optimize your website

The following are helpful links I found when designing my website with the Victoria theme. You can refer to them whenever you have a problem:

All of these tutorials come with a step-by-step article and a demonstration video.  

Things to note before making the final decision

  • Victoria and all other Bluchic themes are for self-hosted WordPress websites only. That means you can’t use them for Squarespace, ShowIt, Wix, or Shopify sites.
  • You won’t need anything else other than a domain, hosting, and WordPress installation.
  • Photos and images used in the demo aren’t included in your theme purchase.
  • Bluchic themes are customizable, but if you want to advance your blog, you need to have a working knowledge of WordPress and coding. 
  • When you install the time, it may not look exactly like the live demo. You need to complete the theme set up by following the instructions. 

Victoria Bluchic theme, is it worth money?

For me, the answer is a BIG YES!

But for you, I don’t know. 

It depends on you—your budget, your goal, your blog niche.

Other than that, I hope you found this Bluchic theme review useful. Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to see your Bluchic website up on the Internet soon.

If you’ve built a website using any Bluchic theme, feel free to share the link below. Have an awesome day!