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Hi, I'm Lavender

I’m an email strategist and implementer for purpose-driven businesses. My goal and passion are to help sustainable brands leverage email to create brand awareness, boost revenue, increase retention, and build a community of loyal brand advocates. I believe in brands that strive to make the world a better place.

Currently I’m working at Bohemian Traders. Previously I worked at Hello Earth Agency and was responsible for doing email strategies and managing Klaviyo accounts for clients like:


For years, I’ve been known as a freelance content marketing writer for ecommerce and SaaS. I’ve worked with several companies like Gorgias, Hootsuite, Printful, and Leadpages. I’ve also written a lot about revenue intelligence, sales performance, sales operations, Salesforce, and other B2B sales topics. 

But everything has changed since 2021. 

In June last year, I joined Hello Earth Ethical Digital Agency and worked as an Email Marketing Specialist. My day-to-day job is auditing emails, creating email templates, running campaigns, tracking performance, reporting data, designing customer lifecycles, developing email strategies, and so on (in short, all things email). I managed Klaviyo accounts for US-based brands like Go Gently Nation and Australian-own brands like Comfy Koalas, Single O, Little Wonder Seeker, and Mandala Art. I know A LOT about what’s called sustainable and eco-friendly.

The more I’ve worked with sustainable brands, the more my perspectives have changed forever. I realized the impact of what I’m using and doing every day towards Mother Earth, and that’s why I want to work with sustainable brands. It makes me happy knowing that I’m doing good for the environment. I know that’s what I want to pursue for the rest of my life. 

That’s how I became an email marketing nerd.

Lavender Writes, email strategist for sustainable ecommerce brands


I’m passionate about helping purpose-driven ecommerce brands thrive. Sustainability is the future, and people want to buy from businesses that make them feel good and do good for the planet.

I’m obsessed with research, ideas, and data. I dig deep to find out what email strategy works best for your brand and take action. I won’t stop until I find it!

I’m a lifelong email marketer. I’m certified by Klaviyo and trained by Copy School by Copy Hackers and by Samar Owais, one of the most notable email strategists in the ecommerce world. I always keep myself updated with all the latest email marketing news, tips, tricks, and sustainability trends — so you don’t have to.

I’m an easygoing and honest person. I respect your brand and your investment. You can be sure that your email marketing will be in good hands with me in charge.

"When it comes to email strategy – not many people have the brain for it. Not only does Lavender have a brain built for email strategy, she’s also go the copywriting skills to match. She’s a pro at finding (and filling) the gaps in your email experience and increasing email revenue."

— Samar Owais, Founder of Emails Done Right, eCommerce Email Strategist

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